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  • Geology 100 (General Geology)

  • Geology 104 (Earth Science)

  • Geography 101 (Physical Geography)

Plate Tectonics Worksheet (completed)


This site contains many of the resources youíll need this semester to be successful....

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Photo pages from my various travels:


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Intelligence2 Debates: A series of Oxford-style debates on everything from organic food to global warming...fascinating!


Student-produced videos of Canyon Day--an annual Mesa College environmental stewardship event celebrating Tecolote Canyon...Coming to you live this Spring!


Canyon Cleanup 2009

Canyon Cleanup 2010


If you'd like to volunteer for this year's Canyon Day events, we on the planning committee could sure use your help! Send me a quick email if you're interested in volunteering (open to Mesa students only)...


Recycling, Green Building, and Sustainable Development...


Mesa College is making a sustained effort to improve its environmental integrity!  Please help by recycling!  Here are some links you might find interesting:

"Plate Tectonic Rap" by J.  Jasin, geology student

Our world has got its plates;

Eruption & quake it anticipates.

They slide, compress, and subduct;

And cause hot magma to erupt.


From Pangea to our world today,

The plates map out their movement way.

Because of the movement of our lithosphere,

Itís earthquakes & volcanoes that we fear.


Along the faults the lithosphere slides,

And causes the plates to collide.

And someday Cali might be gone;

The Pacific Plate is stuck & a new oneís begun.


Itís a natural phenomenon we can appreciate,

Thatís understood through lithospheric plates!



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