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Heart_ant.JPG (39208 bytes)
Anterior view
Heart_arteries.JPG (38784 bytes)
Arteries_post.JPG (39789 bytes)
Posterior view
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Venae_cavae.JPG (39817 bytes)
Venae cavae
Heart_medial.JPG (38067 bytes)
Medial view
r_valves.jpg (38537 bytes)
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R_valves_2.JPG (37691 bytes)
Tricuspid valve
Two_halves.JPG (38716 bytes)
Longitudinal cut
AV_mitral.JPG (40468 bytes)
Chambers cut
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Papillary_m.JPG (39610 bytes)
Valves-Left 2

l_valves.jpg (38259 bytes)
Valves-Left (close up)
Papillary_m.JPG (39610 bytes)
Papillary muscle
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