Male Muscle Model

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muscle man.jpg (20540 bytes)
Chest muscles.jpg (32668 bytes)
Anterior Chest
chest plate inside.jpg (24791 bytes)
Interior Chest Plate
Back muscles mm.jpg (40569 bytes)
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Neck posterior mm.jpg (32644 bytes)
Neck & Upper Back
Neck lateral closeup mm.jpg (37670 bytes)
Lateral Neck Closeup
Muscle head.jpg (24621 bytes)
Anterior Face & Neck
Face 2.jpg (32535 bytes)
Anterior Face
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Muscles thigh mm.jpg (22178 bytes)
Anterior Thighs
Right head.jpg (25083 bytes)
Lateral Right Face
Head lateral mm.jpg (20941 bytes)
Lateral Left Face

Internal Abdomen
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